Black Mango
Black Mango

Friday 23rd : From 8.30pm : Bank of Fleet


Reminiscent of late 80’s/90’s guitar driven sound, their soaring melodies, catchy choruses, and foot stomping bangers are sure to get the crowd going. Black Mango formed in July 2016 with lead singer Tyee and guitarist Adam jamming.

Tyee had a few tunes up his sleeve so they saw an opportunity to form a band and Scott, Tom and Andrew joined shortly afterwards. The band started recording demos in Adam’s bedroom then eventually moved to the Royal Hotel to practice (courtesy of big Stewart.) In October they decided to pack Adam’s Clio (the smallest car on earth) and head to Lovers Lane Studios in Dumfries to record a couple of tunes. With the songs now recorded, Facebook/Instagram pages up and running, and a few gigs in the pipeline, all is rosy in the Black Mango camp.

The Barr Stools are practically a festival in themselves. Whether holding court from the stage or setting fire to a pub session, their love of music and enthusiasm for the craic shines through in all their songs and makes everyone present feel like one of the gang. Seasoned Midsummer Music veterans, we are delighted to welcome them back as they open our festival with a gig at the Bank of Fleet. The festival just wouldn’t be the same without them!